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Best Hairdressers In Torquay



Best Hairdressers In Torquay

Who knows which Torquay Hair Salon could be considered the “Best Hairdressers In Torquay“.  To answer this question we need to consider much more than just the quality of the hairdressing service itself.  We consider all aspects of a Salon business to help you determine an answer to this question based on what clients have told us.


The cost of the service is obviously a determining factor for may salon clients however not as much as one might think.  In fact, in a recent survey carried out with Torquay ladies who regularly visit salons only 63% said that hair salon prices were the determining factor of why they choose a salon.  That leaves 37 ladies in every 100 choosing a salon based on something other than the price of the service.  Check out our Torquay Hair Salon Prices below.

Our Prices

Here at H&Co Hair Salon we have a range of levels to suit all budgets:

  • Ladies cleanse cut & style – From £20
  • Full Head Highlights – From £38
  • Full Head Colour – From £30
  • Cleanse & finish Blow Dry – from £12
  • Gents cut – From £10


Does it matter where a salon is located? The answer is yes, most definitely.  Our survey revealed that 32% of Torquay ladies feel that the location and ease of parking of a salon is a determining factor in their choice of which Torquay Salon to use.  This makes sense given that we all live busy lives, the last thing any of us want is to drive miles to get to a salon or have to walk a long way to the salon due to poor parking.

Our Location

Our location in Babbacombe is ideal in many ways.  Firstly the Torquay to Teignmouth Road is one of the main routes in and out of Torquay, the road is rarely congested and it benefits from not being a Town Centre Salon since there is plenty of available parking all around the salon.

The Overall Experience

The feeling you get when entering a Hair Salon and how you feel when you leave are often about much more than the cut, style or colour you have had.  The overall Salon experience for most women is a driving factor in how they determine which is the “Best Salon”.  The salon experience includes the basics such as how you are greeted, how long you are kept waiting, your consultation, how relaxed you feel and if the salon simply makes you feel good.  The refreshments you are offered and the attentiveness and dedication of the staff that you deal with are also an important factor and importantly how easy the salon makes it for you to deal with them.

The H & Co Experience

We believe that the overall experience starts well before you enter the salon itself.  With our lives getting busier and busier we often only have time to think about our Hair needs outside of working hours.  For this reason, we have an online booking system available where you are able to book your appointment 24/7 at your convenience.  The booking system is available through our website, Facebook and through our Smartphone app*.

Arriving at the salon you will be offered a refreshment and your stylist will acknowledge you arrival and undertake a consultation with you. Your hair will be washed and conditioned in one of our relaxing wash stations after which you will be taken to your position for your hair service.

Your stylist will confirm your needs once again and after providing the service will ensure that you are happy with the service that has been provided.  Your stylist will discuss our in salon product range based on your hair type and needs and will show you any products that they might recommend to you giving you the choice to purchase these if you wish.  Once you have paid for your service and any products you will be offered a stamp on one or more of our loyalty schemes* and you will be offered your next appointment.

After your visit we will send you a thank you and a confirmation of your position on your loyalty scheme*

*requires smartphone app download and registration

We believe that the Overall Salon Experience is what differentiates the Local Hair Salons in Torquay from the “Best Hairdressers in Torquay“.  Why not Book an Appointment and feel the Overall Salon Experience that we offer for yourself.

The Products Used and Sold

Our survey revealed that 34% of Hair Salon Clients regularly buy products.  For this reason, have the right products is an important decision for a salon.  It’s common these days to see the brands we all know in salons such as Loreal, Kerestase, Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Tigi amongst others, however, are these really the best?  Each brand, of course, would be able to sell its benefits however we believe in using brands that we have used ourselves and that we love.

Our Product Brands

We will be using and selling Loeal, Kerastase & Shu Uemura in salon.


With innovative technology, we offer professional hair care for all hair types. Discover all our hair care products and select which ones you need to complete your hair care regime and achieve the results you are looking for. Discover our professional expertise in our shampoo’s, conditioners, masks & oils in the salon.  Carefully developed to suit any needs, from dry to oily hair, from coloured to curly hair, we have the product that is suited for you.


Since 1964, Kérastase has infused luxury with pioneering science, elevating hair care to the status of high-end skin care.  Applications and textures became more sensual and pleasurable,  a concept quickly embraced by a new generation of independent-minded women.  New, personalized solutions included the introduction of enhanced cleansing, known as “bain,” and the signature 1-2-3 hair routine.

Shu Uemura

The ultimate in avant-garde luxury, Shu Uemura art of hair fuses unique natural ingredients with trailblazing science, and the experience of the world’s most inspired hairstylists, to offer women everywhere the absolute artistry of beautiful hair.  For over 10 years, the brand has continued to break new ground in customized hair care. Building on its expertise in nourishing and protecting natural oils to create the bestselling Essence Absolue range in 2009, and in 2011, iconic Cleansing Oil shampoos and conditioners.

The Rewards

Hair Salons are client-centric businesses, everything that we do needs to be focused towards our clients in order that clients want to continue coming time after time, year after year.  Part of being client-centric is giving something back to clients as a thank you for their loyalty and patronage.  The rewards that clients receive form part of the overall experience that determines how clients decide upon which is the “Best Hairdressers In Torquay”.

Our Hair Salon Reward Programme

At H & Co we have several ways in which we reward our clients from Loyalty Schemes Covering various services to special offers and promotions.  We have also introduced the first Exclusive Hair Salon VIP Membership Scheme which provides huge potential savings to clients that use us regularly for a range of services.

The Hairdressing Service Itself

There is no doubt that one key factor that determines why people label any Torquay Hairdressers the “Best Hairdressers in Torquay” is how the client feels about their hair cut, style or colour when they leave the salon.  The best salon experience in the world, champagne and most relaxed ambience will not make up for a shocking cut or colour service.

Our survey revealed that  79% of client felt that this was indeed the most important aspect that clients considered when using a hair salon.

How to H & Co Hair Salon get it right to become the peoples “Best Hairdressers in Torquay”?

First of all we offer a choice of stylists and a free roam policy.  Our stylists have varying levels of experience, however, all are seasoned professionals that we have picked due to their Hairdressing skills as well as their personality.  The choice of experience gives you a choice of pricing level however regardless of who you choose you will leave the salon feeling fabulous.  If you would like to change stylists we welcome that choice and we also welcome you choosing to have a colour service with one stylist and cut with another.

Our job overall is to make sure you get the absolute best service that we can possibly deliver.

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