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Glass Hairdressing – NOW CLOSED



Glass Hairdressing – NOW CLOSED

Glass Hairdressing closed its doors to its customers on the 30th March 2017 after many years as one of the many hairdressers in Torquay. Former owner Marcelle Gray the  Jodie Bicknell and (Megan) Meg Chesters are no longer providing hair cutting, styling or colouring at the Babbacombe based Glass Hairdressing however at the same location on the corner of Portland Road and Babbacombe road a new Torquay Hairdressing salon H & Co Hair Salon will soon open its doors to local ladies in need of hair services.

Not Just Another Torquay Hair Salon
Withairdressers Torquayh so many salons in Torquay and Salons like Glass Hairdressing closing after many years it’s hard to imagine why we’re opening another Torquay Hairdressers.  Our answer is simple:  Despite the vast numbers of Hairdressers in the local area there is still a big gap in the market that;s not being filled.  This gap is about quality of service and the overall experience one feels when visiting a local hair salon.  H & Co Hair Salon aims to bridge this gap and provide a truly unique experience so that a visit to the local hairdressers is as much about how it makes you feel during the visit and not just after you have had your service.

Bridging the customer service gap

Of course we have the things you often see in salons such as relaxing wash stations where you can have a massage with your feet up whilst we shampoo and condition your hair, a comfortable waiting area should you arrive early, an offer of a choice of hot and cold drinks or a glass of bubbly if you prefer and of course experienced & friendly hair stylists that provide sound advice and top quality hair services. Suffice to say we have micro analyzed what it take to create an experience which becomes just as important to clients as the service they receive.  To understand what we are trying to achieve at H & Co Hair Salon for yourself though you will need to make a booking and come and ‘feel’ for yourself why we believe we will fast become considered the Best Hairdressers in Torquay.  

Our aim is to make the visit to H & Co Hair Salon so good that you wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

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