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H & Co VIP Membership

Torquay Hairdressers VIP Membership Card

Join the H & Co VIP Membership Programme

Make big savings & receive exclusive offers

If you have regular cuts and a few colour treatments per year you can make significant savings using our membership programme, take a look below at how it works and use our calculator to work out how much you could be saving…

Make Big savings on your hair care!

Our VIP Membership scheme is priced at £350pa.  You might think that this sounds a lot however you might just be surprised to learn how much you personally spend per year on hair care.

How much does the average lady spend on hair care per annum?

Resent research suggests that on average ladies will spend around £650 per annum on having their hair cut, coloured and taken care of by their local salon.  this is based on 8 visits to the salon per annum at average price points.

  • 8 Hair Cuts @ avg £40 = £320
  • 3 colours @ ave £50 each = £150
  • 2 Blow Drys @ avg £20 = £40
  • 4 Treatments @ 5 each = £20
  • 6 products @ avg £15 each = £90

Total cost per annum = £620

How do you compare?

On this page you will find a calculation form, a few minutes filling selecting the appropriate options for you will give you an idea of what you would spend on average TA H & Co over the course of a year.  We have based this on our average prices rather than our most expensive so we hope that it’s as accurate as possible and not dissimilar to your current spend.

What does Membership provide?

Below is what membership provides.  If you would like to make big savings membership is the answer, the more you use us the more you will save!

  • Free hair cutting for lifetime of membership
  • 10% discount on all colour services
  • 2 Free Blow Drys per annum
  • Free hair treatment on every visit
  • Invite 1 friend per annum for 50% discount on a cut & Style
  • 10% discount on all hair care retail products
  • Priority Bookings
  • Exclusive VIP Membership card
  • First access to all special offers and promotions.

So why are we prepared to lose money by providing membership?

The answer to this is simple, it’s all about client retention and loyalty, which are key in keeping hair Salons sucessful.  We also want to reward clients who are prepared to commit to us for an entire year.  In truth it’s a win/win situation, we benefit by knowing that we have a certain amount of revenue guranteed and the clients who are prepared to pay up front can make some huge savings.

Exclusive, Limited Availability & not for everyone

VIP membership will not suit everyone.  Please use the calculator on this page to establish if you might be one of the clients that will indeed benefit financially and if you are interested don’t wait too long, there are only 99 of these memberships available to buy and no more will be released until 2018.

H & Co Membership Card

How Much Can you Save?

Use the form below to check if membership is for you.  Just answer each question accuraty and you will see exactly how much saving you can make by being a member.  If you wish to apply you can do so at the bottom of the form.

H & Co VIP Membership
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