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Hair Stylist Choice



Hair Stylist Choice

Many local salons have a single pricing structure for all hair stylists and torquay hairdressers are no exception.  Here are H & Co Hair Salon through we have a choice of stylist levels providing you with a price point appropriate to you.

All of our Hair Stylists are experienced in hair cutting and colouring however inevitably hair stylists who have been working in the hairdressing industry for many years will of course have more experience and often a better understanding of services such as re-styles and colour corrections.

Our choice of hair stylists extends far beyond your first appointment too.  We welcome our clients changing stylists if they wish and regardless of their reasons we will always be grateful for them using H & Co Hair Salon.

H & Co Hair Salon is due to open on 22nd May 2017.  Register now for our fantastic launch offers were everyone is guaranteed a reward.