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Lets start at the start…



February 1 , 2017 | Posted by H & Co Hair Salon |

Lets start at the start…

Let’s start with a bit about me.  My name is Ross Kernick, I was born in Southampton in 1967 where I grew up apart from 3 years between the age of 7 and 10 where I lived with my family in Hong Kong.  I left school with very few qualifications so went on to college to try and get a least a few.  After leaving college with an A-level in art and not much else I joined a local newspaper where I worked in the editorial department running copy from the editors to the typesetting department (way before we had computers).  I went on to work in the advertising department looking after the advertising pagination of the paper which was the task of manually deciding the best position for advertisements around the other content.

Whilst working in the Newspaper I was struck by how much fun the sales people seemed to have in the course of doing their jobs, the telesales department where I was situated was always buzzing with positivity and enthusiasm and I wanted a bit of that in my life.  Thus my career in sales started at 19 years old when I got my first sales job selling advertising.  Since then I have sold telephone systems, mobile phones and directory advertising as well as training others to sell as a Sales Training Manager and Sales Manager within Yellow Pages (yell.com).

In 2003 whilst working as a sales manager within Yellow Pages in Devon I made the decision to start my own business providing web development and search engine optimisation.  My business, Hoot Media Ltd provides Web development, Search Optimisation, Design for Print and Web, Social media Marketing and 360-degree photography.  My close friend Andrew Hill who has run the very successful Andrew Hill Salon in Devon for 30 years and who now employees a team of over 30 people in his salon came to me in 2003 for his first website and I have been looking after his web marketing ever since.  Over a cup of tea one day, I asked Andrew what areas of his business he would like to improve, his answer was quick and involved 3 main areas

  1. He wanted a way of keeping his loyalty scheme without having paper cards
  2. He wanted a way of filling empty gaps in stylists columns
  3. He wanted a way of filling cancellations at short notice

My solution to these areas was the development of a Smartphone App, which later became a business in itself (www.brightsalon.co.uk) and now provides Smartphone Apps for over 300 UK and international Hair and Beauty Salons and spas.  Through Andrew I also met my current partner, soon to be wife Hannah who was a hairdresser with Andrew and my involvement with Andrew, the app and associated Salons and my partner has given me a good knowledge of the hairdressing industry.

So that’s me, the rest of this story is about how I became a partner in a Hair Salon and how I have helped make the salon a success, it’s this that I want to share with anyone who wants to listen.  I’ve made mistakes along the way which I will cover and we have also had some amazing success. I will cover every step of this journey in order that other salon owners can perhaps benefit from learning about some of the decisions we have made.