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Local Hair Salon

Local Hair Salon in Torquay

Finding a Local hair Salon in the Torquay area which covers Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Newton Abbot is not difficult.  There’s plenty of choice, with over 150 local hair salons that could be considered Torquay Hairdressers.  Given the vast choice of local Hair Salons in Torquay and surrounding areas that clients can choose it’s a competitive market.  So what are we doing differently that should encourage you to visit our local hair salon?

Hairdressing Service

We all provide similar services, you only have to type in ‘local salon near me‘ to find plenty of hair salons where you can have a hair cut or colour.  Something funky or traditional, a perm or a simple blow dry once a week with your blue rinse.  With this in mind one of the biggest differences you will find between local salons near you is the quality of the service itself.

How easy is it to get to the salon?

Our local hair salon is situation on the main Babbacombe road, easily accessible from Torquay or Newton Abbot.

H and Co Hair Salon Torquay Location

How easy is it to park nearby?

Free parking is available on both sides of the road outside the salon as well as side roads around the salon.  In addition there is a public car park within 5 minutes of the salon

Parking Near H & Co Hair Salon Torquay

What happens when you walk through the salon door?

This is when the experience starts.  You will be welcomed by one of our salon staff, Your overcoat with be hung up if you have one, after which we will check you in and offer you a refreshment.  When your stylist knows you are in they will provide a personal consultation with you.  This will establish your needs for your visit and make sure what you want to achieve.

Your hair will be washed and conditioned by your stylist or other member of staff in our comfortable hair washing chairs,  You will receive a free head massage should you want it.

Are there refreshments available including a glass of wine, a GnT or a cold beer?

It’s a small thing but a nice cup of coffee or tea, a cold drink or something stronger is a relaxing way to start your appointment.  We provide hot and cold refreshments as well as alcoholic drinks should you like one.

Is the salon clean, relaxing and comfortable?

Treading over other peoples hair to get to your seat or using dirty brushes are practices are both unforgivable and unpleasant.   A clean salon and clean tools are the backbone to good customer services.  This is an area of our business that we take very seriously.  All areas of the salon are meticulously cleaned throughout and at the end of each day.

Local Hair Salon Label.m ProductsWhat products do the salon sell and are they any good?

All salons sell products and in most cases these can be a lot better quality than those you can buy on the high street.

We are one of just 2 hair salons in Torbay to stock Label.M products.  Label.M is a brand developed under the Toni and Guy name. Label.M products are reasonably prices, the range is excellent for both ladies and gents and the products themselves are fantastic.  We use Label.M products through the salon in our washing, conditioning, treatments and for styling.

Local Hair Salon – Service Prices

Price is clearly a factor that determines which salon you choose however often, like anything in life you get what you pay for.

A Cut and Style in Torquay tends to range from £28 – £35 depending on the experience of the stylist.  Here at H & Co Hair Salon a Cut and Style ranges from £28 – £35 and a Full Head of Highlights ranges from £48 to £60.  Adding a cut to any colour service just adds £10 to the price.  See all our prices for each stylist level

Local Hair Salon – Reward Schemes

Amazingly many Torquay Hairdressers don’t do anything to reward or thank their clients for using their salon.  Here at H & Co we are different, having reward schemes for everyone specific to their needs, this includes

  • New client Loyalty Scheme
  • Existing Clients Loyalty Scheme
  • Gents Loyalty Scheme
  • VIP Scheme

Each scheme provides a reward at least every 2 – 3 appointments you have with us.  Rewards include discounts off services and products as well free services.

Our reward schemes are controlled and accessed through our very own H & Co Hair Salon smartphone app which is available on both Android and Apple smartphones.

Client Experience

The experience that you receive at your hair salon is as important as the service itself.  This is an aspect of running a hair salon that Torquay Hairdressers neglect. Here at H & Co Hair Salon we understand that everyone is different. Some people see having a hair service as a chore they could do without.  Some are indifferent to it where others look forward to the pampering.

We therefore cater to all clients needs and aim to get to know each client well enough to understand them.  Our salon includes ambient music, a silent TV should you want to keep up with news and a range of reading material.

In addition we provide complimentary hot and cold drinks including wine, spirits and beer.