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My First Blog



February 23 , 2018 | Posted by Aimee Marshman |

My First Blog

Hello! Good afternoon!!

Bit nervous writing my first blog, but its a sunny day, so i do have hope. All in my blog you’ll have an insight into what goes on in the salon with and without clients,the products I love, our offers, pictures of the work we do,maybe run a few competitions and loads more. Keep your eyes pealed.

So, about me.. i’m Aimee, I work part time here at H&Co Hair Salon. I am 23 years old. I am a mum to a 2 year old! (who, is well into the terrible twos stage) so i do actually come to work for a break(haha) I think other mum reading this would understand where I am coming from. I am a fully qualified hair dresser and have been qualified for a few years now, One of the cons of doing hair dressing is suffering with dermatitis, and unfortunately i was the one who suffered very bad, which forced me to stop.

As its better now i do help out around the salon, shampooing and sometimes even blow drying, which i love.

I have called my blog ‘from my view’ for the simple reasons, that ill be writing what i see from where i sit in the salon. (Funky huh!!)