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Mystery Shopper Results



February 17 , 2018 | Posted by H & Co Hair Salon |

Mystery Shopper Results

Over the last couple of weeks we have been running a Mystery Shopper program, asking clients who have not visited the salon previously to come in secretly, have a service and leave comprehensive feedback.  We have put this program in to place as we can only improve if we have real and unbiased feedback.

We will run another Mystery Shopper event in about 3 months however in the meantime here are the main results of this round of mystery shoppers.

Our strengths

Areas in which we need to improve

Overall the feed back has been excellent but of course there are some areas in which we can do better which is exactly why we introduced our Mystery Shopper Program.  In this round we have established the following areas that we will be seeking to improve;

  • We need a better understanding of the needs of elderly and disabled clients and ensure that their needs are catered for.
  • We need to be conscious that if the salon is busy and where a stylist is running behind this does not effect the existing clients service.  Stylists need to very aware of timings and working really hard to ensure clients do not feel rushed.  Adding some buffer space between clients may be introduced
  • We need to make sure that the salon consistently has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Whilst only mentioned by one person it’s an area that we want to be known for so very important that clients feel relaxed and comfortable.


This has been a very positive experience for the salon, its cost the salon over £1000 in providing free services to mystery shoppers however we feel that this expenditure has been extremely worthwhile as feedback can only help to improve what we do and the experience clients receive.

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