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The First VIP Membership Scheme for Torquay Hairdressers

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March 21 , 2017 | Posted by Torquay Hairdresser |

The First VIP Membership Scheme for Torquay Hairdressers

H & Co Hair Salon have become the first Torquay Hairdressers to introduce an exclusive VIP membership scheme.

Torquay Hairdressers VIP Membership CardThe Hair Salon specific Membership scheme gives just 100 clients the opportunity to receive amongst other benefits unlimited Hair Cutting for the lifetime of the membership.  Other benefits include:

  • 10% discount on all colour services
  • 2 Free Blow Drys per annum
  • Free hair treatment on every visit
  • Invite 1 friend per annum for 50% discount on a cut & Style
  • 10% discount on all hair care retail products

Overall based on 8 visits to a salon each year for cuts and 3 colour services the average lady would spend over £550 on hair services, in fact reserach has shown that the industry average is closer to £650 per annum.

The H & Co VIP Membership benefits both the salon and the client.  For the salon clients that join are committing to the salon for at least 12 months at a time, for H & Co this is hugely important as high client retention is one of the main priorities of any Local Hair Salon.   In return for this commitment to H & Co Hair Salon membership provides significant savings in Hair services throughout the year of up to £200.

Which Hair Salon Clients will benefit from the VIP Membership?

Use our form below to calculate if you would financially benefit from becoming a VIP Member of H & Co Hair Salon.