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Starting a hairdressing related business in a TQ area? think again…

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Starting a hairdressing related business in a TQ area? think again…

For many hairdressers, the ultimate goal is to own their own hair salon or work for themselves in some kind of capacity however in Torbay and Newton Abbot that decision may well be the wrong one to make.

Over the last 10 or 15 years the number of hair salons that do not employ their staff has grown significantly to the point where now, in 2018, some 60% of all hair salons are run through renting chairs to stylists.  What this means is that these salons do not have to do a great deal of marketing, simply leaving the marketing to each individual stylist who rents a chair from them.  This trend has encouraged, more salon start-up and stylists themselves deciding to go ‘Self Employed’ creating lower prices and often lower standards of hairdressing and overall client experience.

Now, within the TQ postcode area, in an 8-mile radius of Newton Abbot, including Newton Abbot, Bovey Tracey, Ashburton, Chudleigh, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Totnes there are over 220 hair salons (does not include barbers or mobile hairdressers).   Consider that each stylist, to be busy and profitable, needs to look after 8 clients on average each day, 260 days a year, meaning that every stylist needs on average 2000 appointments per year.  Clients visit salons every 6 – 8 weeks meaning a client will come around 7 times each year meaning that each stylist will need approximately 280 clients.

Torquay and Newton Abbot TQ area Population

As we have established above there are 220 salons within about 20 minutes drive for most clients.  We also know that in the above area there is a touch under 70,000 20 to 70-year-old ladies who make up the bulk of hairdressers client base.  If each salon in the area had 2 full-time stylists this would mean that each salon would need 560 clients and with 220 salons this means that the area would need a population of 123,000 ladies aged between 20 and 70 rather than the 70,000 we actually have.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise that starting a hair salon business, mobile hairdressing business or going self-employed in this area will not be sustainable.  The conclusion is simply that whilst the temptation of starting a hairdressing related business is your goal, doing so in any capacity in a TQ postcode area right now would be a huge mistake as there simply is not the number of clients available to support any more stylists either in salons, mobile or self-employed.

If you are indeed self-employed or not achieving what you want in your current salon, give us a call, we are always looking for motivated and talented hairdressers because not unlike the lack of people in our area, clients, there is also not enough talented and hardworking hairdressers to go round either.