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Torquay Hair Salon Prices



Torquay Hair Salon Prices

How much does price play in the decision of which Torquay Hair Salon to choose?

Price is of course a consideration when choosing any service and hairdressing is no exception however what is a reasonable price to pay for hairdressing services in a town such as Torquay.

Hair Salon Prices TorquayHere at H & Co Hair Salon we have given clients a range of hair salon prices to give them choice not only on who they have cut, style and colour their hair but also how much they spend.

Cut and Style prices start from just £28 with colour services starting at just £32.

H & Co Hair Salon is of course not just about the price.  We believe that a visit to the hairdresser should be a memorable and relaxing experience and we focus on every element of the service you receive from the point to enter the salon to the point you leave to ensure it achieves the ‘WOW’ factor.

Upon entering the salon your coat/jacket will be taken and hung, you will be checked in and your stylist will be informed that you have arrived.  You will be offered a seat together with a hot, cold or alcoholic drink.  Your stylist will greet you and undertake a consultation with you to ensure that your needs are understood.  Your stylist or one of the team will shampoo and condition your hair while you relax in one of our massage chairs with your feet up if you wish.

Hair Salon Prices TorquayYour stylist will provide the service to match your needs discussed in your consultation and they will discuss what they are doing throughout the appointment.  Having completed your appointment your stylist will ask you if you are happy with the service and also if there is anything that you wish to change.  Finally, the stylist will discuss recommended products for you specifically from our range of natural and label M products.

Your stylist will take you to reception where you will pay for your service and any products you wish to buy and you will be offered a stamp on your loyalty scheme.  We will rebook you in for your next appointment and thank you for visiting.  You will be reminded of your next appointment by email and SMS message nearer the time.